10minutes Deploy Your Own "WIFI Ads Management System" In 10 Minutes"

STEP 1. Signup an Platform Account

In order to ensure that Valid utilization of the server resources, this platform system has not been open Signup, if you need to try this system, please directly Contact Us ,to obtain Invitation Code.

After obtain Invitation Code please open the management system http://c.anywifi.com/ ,Click the Signup link at the bottom of the form , following the wizard to Signup a new account.

Signup signal wizard image >
	        	<p class=After Signup pleaseVerify Phone Number,Email Address,Or the account will NOT work.

STEP 2. Platform Mangement

Login Entrance:

Anywifi Login

Platform Overview:

Platform Overview

AddPortal Page:

AddPortal Page

Add device,obtain Auth_key code

Add device get Authorization code

STEP 3. Device Configuration

You can download a firmware at Firmware Download and flash into your device, goto Device Management Configuration Page to select the ISP, once the device is connected to Internet, and configured with correct Auth_key , You can mange the device from the cloud management platform

Configure Auth_key:

Configure Device Authkey page

Configure Device Authkey page

Device's Status:

You can view the device's status at the Device Status page, control your device in real time, set SSID/change SSID/change Encryption Password, modify Portal Page

device's status page